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Eva Leemans is a contemporary dance artist from Belgium, based in Berlin.

She's interested in the body as an expressive medium, bridging internal and external realities, and movement research as an investigation of possibilities, relations and connectivity.

She has developed a persistent curiosity for movement, which encourages her to continuously deepen her understanding by studying different practices.

In the last couple of years she has developed interest for a variety of contemporary dance and improvisation practices, yoga, martial arts and acrobatics among others, all of which find their way into her movement practice.

As a teacher she has translated these interests into an improvisation-based practice under the name  

These topics further come to expression in her creative explorations, and have led to the creation of soloworks Reality Check (2019) and The rules of the game (2022) as well as collaborations One T(w)o One (2019) and Greater than the Sum (2021).


Eva started her contemporary dance education in Belgium under guidance of Nicole Köhler which gave her the opportunity to perform multiple contemporary dance pieces in different theaters around Ghent as part of cie. Lilith.

She later earned her Bachelors degree at Northern School for Contemporary Dance in Leeds, where she continued her dance studies.

After graduating she's been working as a performer, maker and teacher in Europe and the UK. She's cofounder of Excessive Human Collective, with whom she performed WOMEN (2020) and Post Truth Whatever (2022) by Imogen Reeve. She further worked with Kerem Shemi, Julek Kreutzer, Felix Matthias Ott, Marula Bröckerhoff, Greta Schüster, Matina Kaiafa and others.

As a teacher Eva has taught at Fachhochschule Clara Hoffbauer and Seneca Intensive, as well as Urbanraum, DOCK11, Tanzfabrik and Marameo.  She currently teaches yoga at Green Yoga and movement classes for Bewegungskollektiv Berlin. She further works with private students, focussing on specific individual goals and guiding them through the learning process.

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