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My contemporary dance practice focusses on finding structure and release inside continuous movement in uninterrupted connection with ourselves, our center and our surroundings. Further allowing this practice of centering and letting go to provide a frame inside which playful, creative decisions are possible.

Elements of the class include:

  • meditation exercises

  • functional movement / fine tuning body mechanics

  • playful exploration of different qualities, space, time and relations between body parts

  • observing shift of weight, moving through levels, using different body parts as a support to carry the body through space, with elements of floorwork and basic floor acrobatics

  • improving awareness and responsivity through partner exercises and games

  • improvisation tasks to limit our habits and invite new pathways and qualities into our bodies

  • dance sequences and movement flows:  initiating, following, suspending and/or (re)directing one continuous flow through set movement material + adding awareness of qualities and use of time and space


The classes are an invitation for playful, but in depth exploration of our movement possibilities in relation to ourselves and other people, inside a contemporary dance framework.
A proposed response to the question: What is contemporary dance technique?

Suitable for dancers as well as movers with a movement background in any discipline and a willingness to learn about contemporary dance.
Level: open (not suitable for complete beginners)


*Social prices are possible, feel free to contact me


Fridays 11:00 - 13:00

24, 31 May;  7,14,21 June

La Caminada Neukölln

Early Bird until 24/4
5 classes: 60,00

After 24/4

5 classes: 70,00

Drop-in: 15,00

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