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Flowing through Movement is a contemporary dance and improvisation based movement class, built around the idea of moving continuously and in constant connection with our self - our own body and awareness - whilst making creative decisions inside this connectivity.


The class includes following explorations:

  • initiating, following and/or (re)directing one continuous flow through set movement material as well as in an improvisational setting

  • playing with space, time and relations between bodyparts to welcome playfulness and creativity into the movement

  • observing the shift of weight, using different bodyparts as a support to carry the body through space

  • analysing and questioning the decision-making process

  • use of different images, visualisations and tasks to cultivate different movement qualities

The class further offers tools for the students to use in order to develop their own unique movement sequences and a personal improvisation language.

Jump into the chaos that movement is and experience the relations between all elements involved, inside a limitless complexity.  

*currently no group classes possible: contact me for private teaching

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