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Reality Check (2019)
Performance and choreography: Eva Leemans

Music: Daniel Lukehurst 

performed at Pertanzform (Tanzraum Berlin) and STEP IN (Waschhaus Potsdam)

with support from Tanzfarbik Schule Berlin

A physical exploration of invisible structures, questioning the value of belief systems in a modern, global society. 

Reality Check evokes an imaginary universe created by the performer. A thight net is woven between the peformer and the invisible structures in which they both support eachother. But what happens when the imagination disappears and all that is left is an empty space of infinite possibilities? By referring to Kierkegaards concept of "dizzyness of freedom", the work portrays the struggle that comes from the human need to be part of a structure and the simultaneous desire for (personal) honesty/truth. 

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