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During these upcoming 6 sessions we will go through some internal and external principles and tools that have been helpful for me in understanding my body, movement and creativity inside contemporary dance technique, drawing on my movement experience as a professional contemporary dance performer, a student at Xuan Gong Fu Academy and a teacher at Bewegungskollektiv Berlin.

Elements of the class include:

  • meditation exercises


  • functional movement / fine tuning body mechanics


  • moving through levels, with elements of floorwork and basic floor acrobatics


  • improving awareness and responsivity through partner exercises and games


  • learning to learn, through coordination


  • improvisation tasks to limit our habits and invite playful inspiration from inside and outside ourselves


  • dance sequences and movement flows

This short series of classes is an invitation for playful, but in depth exploration of our movement possibilities in relation to ourselves and other people.

Suitable for dancers and movers, intermediate - (semi)professional

Thursdays 10:00 - 12:00
2, 9, 16, 23, 30/11 and 7/12

Flow Motion Studio Neukölln
Glasower Strasse 60, 12051 Berlin

Price: 103 Euro

Drop in: 25 Euro

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