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ARTiculating our inner experiences into creative expression

Each saturday we will explore different creative possibilities by combining the physicality of the body with different expressive mediums (drawing, building, speaking, writing, ...).
The class will start slowly by tuning into ourselves and bringing awareness to our body and mind, to wake up our creative possibilities. Throughout the session, creative tasks will help us to connect to our center, the space around us and the other people on our screen. With improvised explorations we aim to stimulate our imagination and develop our creativity to discover new possibilities while moving.
The participants are encouraged to investigate their own personal map of expressions by engaging into a playful process of movement and more.

No previous experience is required. Everyone with a curiosity for creative expression is more than welcome!


Sliding scale: 5 - 12 euros per session




Please register at least 24h before the start of the session.
After registration we will send you our payment details as well as the link to participate.


We look forward to meet you you all!

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